Our Family

At Mama Cah Kitchen, family is at the heart of what we do, so let us share our family with you.

Mama Cah Kitchen was inspired by Mama Haniesah. Born in a small village in rural Pahang, she lived a simple life near the river. Due to the scarcity of food, her mother would make salted fish sambal and vegetables, and preserve it in containers to eat. It was a tradition which Haniesah continued doing for her own family.

To support her family, Haniesah begun cooking her sambal, cooking sauces, and granolas in her kitchen, and sold them to small local grocers. Her food became popular among the locals, and everyone started asking for more! So Haniesah went back to the kitchen, and she knew she’d found a lifelong passion:

“To create delicious, homemade food for people.”

Haniesah’s son Adam joined to helped her in the kitchen. A culinary graduate with big dreams, Adam spoke to the village fishermen, farmers, and suppliers. He was determined to find the freshest, highest quality ingredients for his food.

He then started to perfect his mother’s recipes, and their reputation grew even larger. It was then that the Mama Cah Kitchen brand was born.

As the positive feedback and support from customers grew, Mama Cah Kitchen moved from a humble home into a quaint commercial lot. Today, Adam and his brother Adrian actively manages the family business. They believe that their mother has worked hard enough, and it’s time for them to repay her by taking good care of her, and Mama Cah Kitchen.