At Mama Cah Kitchen, we like control, especially when it comes to our production.

Locally Sourced

We love supporting local business, as we have a chilli and honey farm in our very own backyard. We strongly believe that sourcing locally gives our food a fresher taste, and it will go a long way to support the locals in our community.

From Farm to Fork

We’ve earned ourselves a reputation for being too picky with farmers. This is something that we’re proud of! Just like how a Mama wanted the best for her kids, we want the best for our customers. We believe selecting only the best from our farm to your fork!

Certified Halal

All our products have undergone vigorous checks by Jakim, and are certified Halal. We want everyone to enjoy our food without reservations.

No Preservatives. No GMO.

We believe that food should be as natural and as clean as possible. Hence, all our products are made without preservatives and contain no GMO. We want to do right by the environment and by our customers. No nasties in your bodies!