At Mama Cah Kitchen, our kitchen is where the magic happens.

Homemade Food Malaysia

Mama Cah Kitchen is in the topmost kitchen’s list of Malasia that serves customers the best healthiest and tastiest meal snacks and condiments for various meals. So, buy our best homemade foods in Malaysia to experience the naturalness of local organic ingredients. We care for your health and only serve wholesome and palatable.

Traditionally Made

Our mother started by cooking everything by hand, and we want to stay true to that, despite our volume. Hence, we still traditionally mince and hand cook our sambal! What can we say, we’re still a traditional family and maker of the best homemade food in Malaysia.

KKM Certified

We take cleanliness seriously, and all our production facilities are certified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), and undergo regular audits and checks to ensure we’re compliant with health and safety standards.

Slow Cooking

All good things take time, and this is certainly true for our food. We don’t believe in ‘mass producing’ our products, and that great food should be cooked carefully and slowly.

Our sambal takes almost a whole day to make! We stir in the spices and vegetables and cook it under slow heat to produce a flavour that is so complex and unique, our customers cant stop raving about it!