At Mama Cah Kitchen, we don’t manufacture food. We cook it with love.

Passion and Hardwork

It takes a lot of hard work to run our family business, but we believe that as long as we remain passionate and cook with love, our customers will see through our hard work.

High-Standard Craftmanship

We’re serious about our reputation and about our food. Thus, most of our products are made by hand. We try as much as we can to minimise machines in our production, as we believe that the more handmade it is, the better it is!

Quality Control

We are highly committed to quality from end to end. We use high-grade technology and sterile packaging to ensure that our products are safe and have a longer shelf life without using any preservatives.

Superior Taste. Superior Ingredients

We partner with local farmers and fishermen for the freshest and best ingredients. Our sauces are always slow cooked to release its taste, and we use only high-grade salted fish for our sambal.