Sambal Tumis Udang Petai

Seafood and sambal often go hand-in-hand, as this sweet and spicy condiment enhances the natural sweetness of seafood and gives a hint of heat to the non-spicy ingredients. We absolutely adore the sticky gooey coat of gravy on the prawns in Sambal Tumis Udang, and usually end up licking the shells clean before ingesting the sweet crunchy prawn flesh. Stir fry this family favorite with some fresh catch of the day for a finger-licking good dinner.

  1. Pour the sambal into the pan and fry with big red onion and asam keping around 1 mins. (add cooking oil if needed)
  2. Then put the prawn and petai together into the pan until cooked.
  3. Move to a plate, then serve.

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